What is PosLife?

"PosLife" stands for "Positive Lifestyle." What does a Positive Lifestyle consist of ? It consists of living life on your own terms, choosing to be happy rather than hoping that life will serve you happiness. This means going out there, doing what you love, and striving everyday to reach your goals.  

I stumbled into photography on accident. After high school, I wanted to start a motivational page oriented toward my weight loss story. Over the course of my high school career, I lost 160 pounds. This feat is what crafted my PosLife attitude, establishing the motivation to show the world my newfound perspective. So I bought a camera and began to show who Zachery Mazzochetti had become. 

I hope the passion I have for photography resonates through my photos and motivates you to take control of your own life. Choose to live the PosLife.

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